Operating Procedure for Fitness Excellence members
during COVID19 & re-opening

Fitness First Health Club Inc.
2637 Moray Place, Courtenay, BC V9M 8A9
Original copy: Aug17/2020
(update): September 18, 2020
(update2): Dec 28, 2020
Revised & Updated: Dec 2, 2021

The following procedures have been put in place for you (the member)’s safety. By following the guidelines listed below we will ensure that there is reduced likelihood of spread of illness to other members, and will allow everyone to be able to continue to use the facility.

**Please note that we have increased cleaning of all equipment. There has also been the installation of additional hand sanitizer stations for your use, and some further equipment has been moved/removed to promote better spacing.
**LOCKER ROOMS are open. SHOWERING is permitted**
**PLEASE arrive prepared to exercise in appropriate workout attire
** Contactless forms of payment: Debit or credit card forms of payment are available and preferred.
**NO food sales (shakes or supplements) available at this time. Water is available for sale at the front, a water fountain is available at this time.

Gym usage:

1. We allow a maximum of 25 people into Fitness Excellence at one time to ensure social distancing.
2. Cleaning and disinfection of the gym will go on continuously during the day by staff. Please follow the 90min time limit to allow fair usage by all members. Please help us by cleaning equipment before and after you use it using the provided sanitizing spray.
3. If you have to wait due to the gym being at maximum capacity, staff are able to put you onto a waitlist, however you may be asked to wait external to the gym. There is a 6 person max. limit in the Foyer.
4. Each member must consent to, and adhere to, the entrance and exit procedures outlined below to gain access to the facilities.
5. Each member must adhere to the gym use procedures outlined herein.
6. DROP-INS: members have priority for gym use. At this time we are not accepting drop-ins until further notice.


1. Full Fob access is currently enabled. This allows all after hours members access to the gym at all times unless restricted by capacity (25).
2. Cameras will be checked frequently.
3. Please do not enter if there is not a sanitized spray bottle available, this means the gym has reached capacity and you may be subject to having your membership suspended if your presence causes excess numbers exceeding 25 people max capacity.
4. No drop-in allowed during this time.

Entering the gym:

1. Members will be admitted one at a time and only after following entrance procedures. Come in prepared to workout. Workout gear and small bags can be kept in the lockers, however, please avoid using the change room when possible.

2. Members must sign in at front entrance, check in with front desk, scan in (members) and sign-in for drop-ins.
3. Members will wash their hands prior to entrance to the gym.
4. Members will be assigned a spray bottle. YELLOW Microfiber towels will be available in the gym, please keep it with you, and wipe down equipment before and after use.


1. ALL SURFACES that a member touches must be sprayed and cleaned BEFORE and AFTER use. This includes handles, weights, bars, benches, balls & cardiovascular equipment
2. Showering is available, please ensure to wipe down the shower using the provided cleaner before and after use and your RED microfiber towel.
3. Upon exiting the gym please leave spray bottle at labelled station at exit door, and put your YELLOW microfiber towel in the laundry basket.
4. A sanitization station is located at the exit door, all members must sanitize prior to exiting the gym.

Cleaning procedure of STAFF:

1. Staff are required to wear masks while cleaning the gym.
2. Staff will fully clean all surfaces throughout the day as required/possible with the assigned spray bottles and microfiber cloths. This includes all high- touched and high-traffic areas.
3. Microfiber towels are separated by color and are used by staff or members depending on their color.
4. All used towels are put through a heat disinfection cycle during the dryer cycle.
5. ‘Clean’ towels go in ‘clean’ baskets before being folded and put away by colour.
6. All Dirty, soiled or soaked towels can be put in the hamper. The hamper should be washed once it reaches ¼ to ½ full, and disinfected upon emptying.
7. All staff are provided protective gear (gloves and masks); however, it is a personal decision if it is used.
8. Staff will sign off on all cleaning when completed. Sign off sheets are posted at the front desk for transparency, and to show the next shift what might need extra attention.
9. Breaks will be allowed as regularly given and needed.
10. Staff check-in with owner will take place daily. Any action items will be addressed immediately.


1. We have implemented a TEMPORARY freeze on all new memberships. This is valid until January 30th. A waitlist is available as members cancel, or complete their memberships. People will be contacted on a first come first serve basis.
2. New Members purchasing personal training will be given priority for new membership intake because they require a place to complete their given workouts.
3. Due to our freezing of all accounts at the beginning of the pandemic, members accounts will remain suspended until their first return gym visit, unless they are already un-suspended by choice. This will remain in place until Stage 4 of ‘opening’ as dictated by the BC government.
4. Perpetual (month to month paying) members are allowed to request credit if they continued to pay during closure due to COVID19. Refunds will not be given, however the value paid out can be applied to current membership distributed evenly over 3-6months. Alternatively, members can request credit toward other gym services or products. Please speak to staff for more info, again this will be done on an individual account basis by the general manager or the owner.
5. Term members (purchased time paid upfront) will be given the time we were closed back onto their membership. Please see staff to ensure your account is up to date.