Corey Ackland St-Pierre Personal Trainer


Corey was born and raised in the Comox Valley. He is a husband and father of 3 daughters. He is currently certified as personal trainer and nutrition. With a deep passion for fitness ranging from Martial Arts, to Kickboxing right into the weight room! He has a desire to help people achieve and learn to become their best selves. With a vast array of skills having worked in multiple different industries. He has alot to bring to the table.

Corey is very passionate about his work and spends many hours on the gym floor helping many clients pursue their goals. Corey highly enjoys working at Fitness Excellence and will continue to grow and deliver the best customer service as he increases his skill sets and explores the fitness industry.


Ben Newman Personal Trainer


Ben has a bachelors degree in Physical Education specializing in sport performance, rehabilitation and health education. A personal trainer since 2004 (15+ years) he has over 10,000 hours of direct experience. He has taught classes, groups, teams and individuals from all walks of life.

He has worked within multiple multidisciplinary medical teams, is also son to a physiotherapist, and learned basic massage and stretching techniques when he was a child. He also has his own injury recovery stories if you want to hear them.

Ben has also trained: firefighter, military, military police, police, RCMP and paramedic and his clients have ranged from 13 to almost 90 years old.

Ben is a practicing yogi, teaches meditation and martial arts and is a big believer in balance. He is trained in Zone® nutrition, and worked alongside naturopaths and Holistic nutritionists and has developed his own systems to accelerate fat loss, increase energy, enhance muscular growth and reduce pain.

To top it all off; Ben is genuine, caring, compassionate, and a good laugh.  Need something? Ben has you covered.

Katharine Logan Personal Trainer comoxv valley


Kate has lived in the Comox Valley her entire life. Currently certified as a personal trainer and nutritionist, through The International Sports Sciences Association. Her passion for fitness and health first started eight years ago when she became a mother to her son. Concurring her own challenges of health and fat loss, Kate has set personal goals in bodybuilding and continuing her education, to help bring more value and knowledge to assist a variety of clients. She has an enormous passion in helping others reach their goal from fat loss, body recomposition, strength training and muscle building.

“Having the opportunity in helping someone in such a personal journey and seeing them achieve goals they once never thought possible, is one of the greatest feelings I’ve ever had”. If you can’t find Kate at the gym, she spending time with her family, in the garden or walking and exploring the outdoors. Kate is very excited to be joining the amazing team at Fitness Excellence that has already been changing so many lives.

Whether you’re beginning your fitness journey or taking your fitness to the next level, she would love the opportunity to help guide you.


Clarissa BCRPA certified Personal trainer


Hello my name is amanda and I am a 29 year old mother of two ! I am so blessed to call this beautiful place home and I often day dream what growing up here would have been like. I like to get out and enjoy the beautiful forest and beaches soaking in as much nature as possible, as well as being new to the kayaking gang!

I am a Schwinn certified spin instructor and an avid gym rat. I fell in love with fitness about four years ago and have slowly changed my life for the best with it. I like high energy and lots of people, I hope you’ll join me for a good sweat session soon!